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How To Spot Dental Disease In Your Cat

Dental disease is surprisingly common in cats of all ages. While there may be many causes, one of the major factors is the type of food they eat. A steady diet of soft food doesn’t provide any abrasive action to rub bacteria, plaque, and tartar off the teeth. Read More

4 Ways To Keep Fleas Away From Your Pet

Fleas. Just the word makes you itch. They’re the teeny, wingless, leaping parasites that cause endless discomfort when they move around your pet. We all dread their arrival – and with good reason. Fleas can be hard to get rid of because they spread so fast;… Read More

Why Lilies Can Be Deadly To Your Cat

Humans aren’t the only ones who find the delicate beauty of lilies alluring — your whiskery four-legged friends at home do too. And while us humans have little to fear from lilies (because we don’t eat them), the same cannot be said for cats, which can be severely… Read More