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6 pro tips on how to care for a new kitten

So, you’ve decided to house a kitten for the first time and have no idea what’s in store for you. While you can look forward to tiny soft paws, small squeaks and purring cuddles – and the pleasure of watching your feline friend grow into a cat – there are other things you need to be prepared for. There’s no need to panic if you’re unprepared, as here is a simple guide on things to remember when caring for a new kitten.

#1 – Start with as much human interaction as possible

The earlier you get your new kitten acclimatised to its new surroundings, the better. Dedicate time to petting and talking to your kitten directly so they get used to being part of your family.

#2 – Give them the right food

Kittens need different nutrients in their food at each stage of their development. Shop around for food that caters to their age so that all their needs are met.

#3 – Keep them healthy

A visit to the vet will equip you with all the information you need to make for a happy and healthy kitten. From vaccines and deworming to medication for conditions, your kitty’s health will be taken care of.

#4 – Start House & Potty training asap

If your kitten’s mother is around, chances are it’ll pick up how to use a litter tray through observation. If not, nudge your pet along as early as possible with a private litter box that it can use somewhere in the house.

#5 – Get them the perfect bedding

It can get tempting to snuggle with your kitten as they sleep, but privacy and alone time is a big deal for cats. Prepare them a comfy, dry bed in a private area so they can rest as they see fit.

#6 – Set them up for fun

All cats aren’t as lazy as Garfield and most enjoy being active. Make sure you have stimulating toys available to keep your kitten entertained that they can chew, chase or scratch. This is very important if you only have one pet as a bored cat is a destructive one.

With all the above in place, you can prepare yourself for many years of fun and exploration with your kitten, knowing that all their needs have been met. Need more information or assistance with your new kitten? Feel free to bring them along to our warm and friendly vet practice or contact us today.

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