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Cat abscesses: what are they and how are they caused?

Seeing an abscess on your cat can be quite a scary experience. Typical symptoms include unbearably high fevers, large chunks of skin have disappeared and foul-smelling wounds (usually on the face, tail and shoulders) oozing stuff usually reserved for bad Hollywood horror films.

Your first instinct would be to seek proper professional medical attention at a Melbourne vet specialist centre, and you would be right to do so. While these may be superficial wounds they do have the potential to cause much bigger, more serious problems and need antibiotic medication for effective treatment. To help you understand cat abscesses, what causes them and treatment procedures, we hope the following information will help.

What causes cat abscesses?

The most common cause of abscesses in cats is injuries incurred in fights with other cats. Puncture wounds develop into abscesses within 5 days of the fight. In very rare instances, these puncture wounds could be the result of stepping on a nail or caused during an altercation with other non-feline wildlife.

When it comes to treating abscesses in cats effectively, timing is everything. The progression of puncture wounds into full-blown abscesses is avoided only if detected in time. This is hard to do as these wounds are not always spotted – there is no profuse bleeding or noticeable swelling.

How are cat abscesses treated?

Almost all of abscess wounds require surgical experience performed under the expertise of a trained vet. While there are different techniques used in treating abscesses, below are the basic principles involved:

  • Use of antibiotics
  • Draining and cleansing
  • Drain placement if necessary
  • Fluids to treat a fever
  • Pain relief
  • A vaccine check to ensure your cat has the appropriate vaccinations

Treating cat abscesses requires professional veterinary experience which is why it is highly advised that you do not treat your cat yourself. At South Eastern Animal Hospital we have the best veterinary surgeons in Melbourne to provide your cat with the highest standards in specialist professional care.