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Dental Care

Proper dental diagnosis begins with dental radiology at your melbourne veterinary hospital

A proper comprehensive dental diagnosis begins with dental radiology to ensure your dog receives effective treatment and care. If your dog shows symptoms of excessively salivating or rubs his or her face and there is no noticeable cause for this behaviour, a dental radiograph can quickly establish the cause or problem such as whether a foreign object has become lodged in between the teeth or if an infection in the gingival sulcus is present.


The real action in periodontal disease takes place below the gum line

Two-thirds of a dog’s teeth is found below the gum line and requires radiographs for the vet to determine the extent of what is causing the infection and your dog’s pain. Dental radiology is regarded as an essential tool in caring for the dental health in dogs and avoids second guessing at the problem or providing a ‘blind’ diagnosis. Radiographs help in: diagnosing cause, providing an effective treatment plan and monitoring the success of that plan.

X-rays provide information on the condition of teeth and whether there are fractures or evidence of internal disease. These also assess the soft tissues surrounding teeth for signs of periodontal disease, facial swellings, cysts, stomatitis or draining tracks.


Benefits of pet dental radiology

  • Helps vets identify dental issues easily and accurately.
  • Pet owners have peace of mind that veterinarians can get right to the root of the problem that’s causing the infection.
  • Dental-related diseases can be treated efficiently and successfully.
  • Less nasty surprises

Any antibiotic medication or steroid prescribed over a long term without a thorough diagnosis that includes radiology can cause more harm than good. If your vet does not use radiographs to determine the cause of your dog’s dental pain or in finding an effective treatment, then this is a cause of concern.

At our Melbourne veterinary hospital, we have the best animal surgeons who are well-trained in all best practice methods to provide the best possible care and treatments to ensure the wellbeing of your pet.