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When should i get my pet vaccinated?

Vaccinations have been dominating the news recently. Many people believe that vaccinations are essential, while others believe they cause more harm than good. Are you a pet owner considering the value of animal vaccination? If you live in an area where your pet rarely interacts with other animals, or if they come from hardy stock, you might be tempted to forgo it, thinking it’s not worth the time and expense. This would be a big mistake.

Here’s why you should always opt for pet vaccination as early as possible, and should keep up to date with their scheduled check-ups.

While Australia has some of the strictest border and customs controls when bringing animals in and out of the country, this shouldn’t be taken as an all-clear to neglect your pet’s vaccination schedule. Similarly, just because your pet isn’t young anymore doesn’t mean that their vaccination schedule is necessarily over.

Pet sicknesses operate in a similar way to human ones. New strains develop every year, and there are seasons where your pet might be more prone to picking up something. This is whygoing for regular check-ups and sticking to your pet’s prescribed vaccination schedule is essential, as their needs might change over time. Other considerations could be if their immune system weakens and if they experience an environmental change.

A good example of how regular vaccinations and check-ups could save your pet’s life can be seen in the recent outbreak of Parvo experienced throughout the country. This deadly virus was found to be thriving when several pets presented with symptoms, despite being tested as negative for the virus strain.

It was found that many vets didn’t administer vaccines properly or failed to give pet owners the information they need to ensure that the vaccine was effective. Many pet owners who got their puppies vaccinated against Parvo didn’t know that it would only provide protection from a week after the vaccination event, and so they continued to expose their pets to potential infection in this time, spreading the disease even further.

The best way to protect your pet is to work with a clinic that can answer all your pet vaccination questions, and administer them as well. South Eastern Animal Hospital can assist you with all your pet needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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