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How often should you bathe your dog?

It’s Murphy’s Law that the second you wash your dog, they’ll conveniently find mud or anything dirty to roll around in, and the resulting stink and mess will require another bath. Apart from these incidents, how often should you be bathing your dog?

Dogs notoriously hate baths, and they don’t require daily baths for hygiene purposes either, seeing as most dogs groom themselves to keep their skin and hair follicles healthy. Bathing will help this process, but too many trips to the tub can irritate their skin, and increase their risk of infection. When creating a bathing schedule for your dog’s unique needs, start by considering the following questions – keeping in mind that advice provided by your vet comes first!

  • What does your dog do all day?

Indoor dogs are more sedentary, which means they need fewer baths. Those that are active and spend time outdoors will probably require more frequent cleaning sessions. Remember to brush your dog thoroughly before bathing them to remove twigs and dried mud, which will definitely make your job easier!

  • What breed is your dog?

Certain dogs might have more complex cleaning regimens, and depending on your time and capacity, you might want to leave this job to a professional crew instead. This includes double coated dogs such as chows, huskies, sheepdogs, terriers, and retrievers.

Washing your dog

It’s important for pet owners to remember that dogs will never smell of lilies and roses, and that their natural ‘dog’ smell isn’t necessarily bad, unless it’s especially potent, or unpleasant. If this is the case, it could be caused by an unlying medical issue, which means that it’s worth a trip to the vet.

Human products are created for our acidic skin, while dogs have skin that is neither acidic nor alkaline, so never use human products on them. Certain breeds like wrinkly dogs, hounds, and dogs with white fur are known to have sensitive skin, so ask your vet to provide dog-friendly, and medicated shampoos that prevents/treats everything from fleas and dermatitis, to plant allergies.

One last thing – when washing your dog, keep your eyes peeled to ensure that they don’t ingest any shampoo. If you suspect they have, take them to your vet straight away.

If washing your dog is a task too difficult to handle, or you’d just like to palm off the responsibility to a professional, South Eastern Animal Hospital is more than happy to handle the dirty work for you! Get in contact today to book a wash or find out more info.

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