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The Lowdown of Desexing Your Pet Cat

Unplanned breeding and multiple pregnancies can take a hefty toll on your pet cat and society. In Australia the RSPCA animal rescue centres have to shelter almost 160 000 unwanted animals every year due to accidental litters. Desexing your cat remains the most effective method to ensuring the health… Read More

Should you vaccinate an indoor cat?

Owning cats in residential or metropolitan areas within Melbourne such as Geelong or Richmond usually means that you will keep them indoors for their own safety. Proximity to traffic as well as other cats is best avoided for most felines, and many cats are content as long as they are… Read More

Are Vaccines Good for Dogs?

You love your dog so much that you think of yourself as a dog parent. So it’s only natural that many of the issues facing parents would also concern dog owners. Advice on dog health can be found everywhere and is often contradictory and conflicting, and there is no discussion… Read More