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The lowdown of desexing your pet cat

Unplanned breeding and multiple pregnancies can take a hefty toll on your pet cat and society. In Australia the RSPCA animal rescue centres have to shelter almost 160 000 unwanted animals every year due to accidental litters. Desexing your cat remains the most effective method to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your pet as well as reducing the number of animals left without loving homes. At South Eastern Animal Hospital in Melbourne, we go the extra mile to ensure that when you bring in your cat for the desexing procedure, he or she benefits from the attentive services of highly trained and experienced vets. We also perform desexing on dogs as well as pocket pets.

Kittens can be desexed as early as three months of age. September to March is the breeding season that even a cat at age four and a half months can come into season. Early desexing prevents this from occurring. It is never too late to have your pet desexed and we welcome older pets, too.


Common benefits of desexing cats

Desexing your cat is a preventative healthcare procedure that also addresses annoying behavioural problems. Pet owners opting for this surgical procedure find that their cats are less likely to roam around at night in search of mating partners or getting into fights with strays or neighbours’ cats. Additional benefits include:

  • It lessens the likelihood of unwanted litters
  • It improves the health and quality of life
  • It reduces territorial marking and spraying in male cats
  • It reduces the occurrence of your cat developing life-threatening illnesses and infections.

What to expect from a desexing surgical procedure at south eastern animal hospital

The desexing surgery is a one day procedure. At South Eastern Animal Hospital we require you to bring in your cat on the morning of the scheduled surgery. It is important that you do not feed your cat breakfast before bringing it in and to limit its access to drinking water too.

Desexing is performed under general anaesthetic. The procedure involves the removal of the reproductive organs in both males and females. At South Eastern Animal Hospital we are especially noted for our advanced level of service including aftercare irrespective of the price you pay for the procedure. For your convenience we provide overnight care if you are not able to pick up your pet after surgery. This is provided at no additional cost to you.

Desexing your cat is a gift of love. Choose our professionally trained and experienced staff at South Eastern Animal Hospital to take care of your cherished cat. We are conveniently located in Clayton, Melbourne.