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Vet Tips

Top advice from your melbourne vet specialist on how to take good care of your pet this easter holiday

We all look to the holidays to take a step back from hectic work schedules and crazy lifestyles. But if you have a family pet, holiday times can be a different source of stress. Decisions have to be made. If you’re going away do you take your pet pooch with you or break your heart by putting them in a pet care facility. Even if you’re staying at home for the holidays there are the decorations and food and parties that can present hazards to your pet.

At South Eastern Animal Hospital our Melbourne vet specialists caution extra care and attention for your pets during the Easter holidays.


Travelling this easter holiday with pets

If your holiday is not a holiday without your beloved pet and you’re taking him or her along with you, keep both you and your pet happy by being mindful of these tips:

  • Airports and train stations are even busier during peak holiday periods. Arrive extra early and ensure you have all the relevant documentation (pet licence, ID tags and vaccinations) with you.
  • Take along snacks, treats and favourite toys to keep your pet happy and busy.
  • Exercise your dog before a flight. This will help your pet to sleep soundly during travel.

At home with pets during the holiday

Know that some decorative materials are toxic to your pet and are life-threatening if ingested. If your pet shows symptoms of severe vomiting or dehydration seek treatment from a vet specialist immediately.

Parties and family get-togethers are noisy, boisterous affairs which can distress some types of dogs and cats. If you’re hosting a celebration, prepare a special quiet place for your pet away from the commotion. Ensure he or she has plenty of food and water.

No Easter celebration is complete without chocolate. Take great care to ensure your dog does not get any. Chocolate is toxic for dogs, rather give them their favourite treat instead.

Have a happy and safe Easter holiday by looking after the needs of your pet. Speak to one of our experienced vet specialists at South Eastern Animal Hospital in Clayton for more advice on how to keep pets happy during holiday travel.