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Vet Tips

Vet tech – the new trends that are changing pet care

When it comes to loving our pets, Australians lead the pack. According to research by Canstar, pet owners from Melbourne to New South Wales are willing to fork over almost $100 per $1000 of cover for a three-year-old dog and just under half that amount for a three-year-old cat. For most dedicated pet owners who are seeking out veterinary services in Melbourne, euthanasia is very last on the list of options when it comes to an ailing pet. Thankfully, advances in technology for pet vet means that your pet is more likely to survive into their golden years than ever before.

While most common pet surgeries are straightforward procedures, they are still costly and require specialised treatment from a veterinary surgeon as well as veterinary nurses and anesthesiologists. Much like humans, different dog breeds require different anaesthetics and surgical approaches – lean pets such as Whippets and Siamese cats have little body fat and metabolise drugs differently, while brachycephalic, flat faced pets such Pugs and Persian cats require extra care when it comes to ventilation. Due to factors such as these, preventative care for pets is crucial.

With smart technology having such a huge presence in our lives, it was only a matter of time before tech reached the field of pet care. New advances now aim to overcome the most common hurdle presented when monitoring pet health – their inability to verbalise when something’s wrong.

Here are 5 of our favourite’s new pet vet technologies:

Vetrax – monitoring your dog’s every movement

Hills Pet Nutrition has teamed up with Pet Technology Company AGL to create a collar that monitors your pet’s internal and external movements, transmitting this information to your vet Clinic. It lets your vet monitor everything from whether your dog is scratching, shaking or drinking to whether a prescribed arthritis treatment is working.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Collar – perfect for runaway pets

One in 3 pets will get lost in their lifetime, and the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Collar seeks to sooth worried pet owners minds when this does happen.

The specially designed collar which is also the first device and app system to combine location-tracking and smart activity monitoring into one simple experience, syncs with your smartphone, alerting you and helps you locate a missing or runaway pet immediately and accurately.

CanHegat – a Fit Bit for Fido

Post-operative care and monitoring of a recovering dogs activities is vital for healthy longevity. The CanHegat wearable device for pets fits on as a collar and collects and displays the pet’s activities for concerned owners and Vet Clinic to review.

The device also takes into account the animals eating habits and breed.

Smart Feeder – feed your dog from Wi-Fi

In the name of preventative care for pets, PetNet have created the Smart Feeder and Smart Bowl, a high-tech and Wi-Fi enabled way for pet owners to monitor how much and how regularly their pets are eating.

The pet’s profile is entered into the device’s mobile app, and the LED progress bar alerts the owner what the correct amount of food for that pet is and when they’ve had enough.

Clever Pet – the game console for dogs

This dome-shaped device dispenses food as a reward to pets that can solve its memory puzzles using the touch pads on the gadget. The thinking behind this invention which was debuted this year at CES was as a solution to the boredom that many pets experience all day being left in big city apartments waiting for their human to return home.

Technology helps us in many ways so it’s only natural it can help our pets too. This can keep them healthy and happy, meaning that the case for pet smart technology remains stronger than ever. Speak to your local vet for more information on whether there is a smart pet app for you!