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What you should do when you bring a new puppy home

There is nothing more exciting for a family than getting a new puppy. Puppies bring joy and vibrancy into a home and make a great companion for everyone. Sometimes, puppies can feel anxious and frightened when they are taken away from their mothers and placed in a new environment. In order to ensure your puppy has the best start in life and feels comfortable in their new home, follow these helpful tips to make the transition as easy as possible.


Set up a safe space

As this will be the first time your puppy has been away from their brothers and sisters, it is important to give them an area where they can escape to if they get scared of the new surroundings. By giving them their own separate area, they will feel a sense of security and it will also help you start the process of setting boundaries for them. In their safe space, include a bed, some toys and food and water. Choose an area that is central to the main goings on of the house but is also separate to allow the puppy to get used to being alone. It is also best to pick somewhere that is easy to clean in case they have an accident.


Toilet training

Toilet training should begin the moment you bring your new puppy home. Accidents are inevitable but the earlier you start setting up a toilet training routine, the faster your puppy will learn where they should go to the toilet. Start by taking your puppy to the toilet outside regularly; after they drink, eat, sleep and play. This will give them the opportunity to do what you want; go to the toilet outside. When your puppy does go to the toilet where you want, praise them excessively! If your puppy has an accident, don’t yell or get upset at them as this can cause them to be afraid of you. Instead, clean it up with a strong anti-odour spray. Remember that accidents are a part of life and with dedicated training, your puppy will learn to go outside to the bathroom in no time.


Obedience training

It is never too late to start obedience training with your puppy. Good training is essential for your puppy’s development and will help in creating a well-mannered adult dog. Start by setting boundaries at home. If you let your puppy get away with jumping on the bed or couch, it is very difficult to stop this behaviour when they are older. Going to puppy school will allow them to socialize with other puppies, which will teach them how to behave with other dogs and you’ll learn how to teach your puppy general obedience. Remember to always use positive reinforcement when training your puppy.


Go for a check-up

Make sure you visit your vet with your new puppy to make sure they are healthy and have no underlying health issues. In your first puppy check-up, they will be able to talk to you about puppy vaccinations, dog desexing, diet, general health care and training. Your veterinarian will be the best source of information on everything to do with your puppy and will be with you throughout your dog’s life. The best affordable vet care for your puppy can be found at South Eastern Animal Hospital. Contact us to book your new puppy in for an appointment today.