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Mental Health

Why keeping a pet happy and healthy does the same for you

Our four-legged furry friends do much more for us than we realize. It is a sad fact that we are most often aware of their unconditional love and the value they contribute to our lives when they are no longer with us or are sick or injured. In order for us to continue to enjoy this love and live healthy and happy lives ourselves, we need to ensure that we keep our pets in a similar state of wellbeing.


Exercise keeps your dog healthy and you happy

It is a well-known and accepted fact that exercise promotes good health and leads to increased levels of happiness for both pet owner and pet. Simply walking your dog helps keep them calm and provides them with health benefits that include: weight control, improves their digestive system and prevents constipation, eliminates unwanted behaviour such as digging and scratching and reduces distracting night time activity. Researchers at the University of Western Australia conducted a study involving over 1000 dog owners. 60 Percent of those involved in the study admitted that walking their dogs helped them to be more physically active themselves which was advantageous for a better-quality health. Another welcomed benefit found was that dog walking encouraged more social cohesion in the neighbourhood with participants getting to know their community members and played an active role in neighbourhood watch responsibilities.


Routine health checks promote longevity

Like us, our pets also succumb to illness and disease that can detract from living a happy life. In the same way that you visit the GP for regular check-ups or when you don’t feel well, your pet should make regular trips to the vet as well. Early detection of worrying problems offer a higher chance of success in treatment and prevention. Having your pet undergo a routine health check by an expert eye provides you with peace of mind that your pet is in good health. While we won’t be taking on any human patients anytime soon at South Eastern Animal Hospital, we do offer a wide range of quality services to keep pets happy and healthy which in turn, as we’ve demonstrated above will do the world of good for you. Our expert team provides proficiencies in vaccinations, desexing, dental care and grooming. We are located in Clayton, Victoria.