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Apollo – carpal arthrodesis in a cat

Apollo is an 18 month old male Maine Coon cat, who was presented to SEAH because he was not placing weight on his left fore leg. He had returned home after being missing for four days.

Left fore distal radial fracture and dislocation

Radiographs of the left fore leg revealed severe injury to the lower left fore, which both involved a very distal fracture of the radius and dislocation of the radius from the proximal carpal joint as well.

CA plate

The best option, to achieve pain free movement long term, was to place a special plate across the carpal joint, from the radius to the metacarpals, thus allowing the distal tibia to heal and preventing any pain in this area long term.

Fracture exposed

This photo shows the area involved during surgery, with the distal radius still located under the carpal bones. The distal radius first had to be elevated back into it’s correct position. The CA (carpal arthrodesis) plate was then applied and 2mm and 1.5mm wide screws used to fix this in place.

After application of the CA plate

After closure

The above two photos, show the plate after application and the surgery site after closure, prior to bandaging. Apollo’s leg was then bandaged. The photos below show x-rays of Apollo’s leg after correction of the injury, showing the radius and ulna now back in correct alignment. This surgery cost the owner $1,250. Most of these types of injuries are usually referred to specialist centres where the same surgery would often cost $4,000 or more. At SEAH we perform a large range of orthopaedic surgeries. Please call if you would like an estimate on a case we may be able to help with.

Post-op x-ray

Post-op x-ray

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