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Simba – Radius fracture in a 7 month old Toy Poodle

“Simba” is a 7 month old, male, Toy Poodle. He was presented to SEAH after jumping off the couch at home and suddenly became lame.

X-rays revealed he had broken his left fore radius and ulna. He was admitted to the hospital and the following day a 6 hole bone plate was applied to fix this fracture.

The three photos below are images taken during the procedure to show the tiny size of the bones we were dealing with. The screws are only 1.5mm in diameter!

The photo below shows an x-ray of the repaired fracture. The leg has been bandaged to further support the fracture while it heals, with the elastoplast portion of the bandage visible on the x-ray.

The bandage was removed 4 weeks after surgery, sutures were removed 2 weeks later. The video was taken at this time, showing near normal return to function, just 6 weeks after surgery! The cost of the consult/initial x-rays/surgery was just $1205! The same procedure performed at a specialist centre usually costs $4,000 or more.