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Zelda – end-of-life care

From pet owners Mark and Vanessa Greatorex:

“On behalf of myself and Vanessa, I would like to extend a very sincere thank you to your team for the way you looked after our beautiful Zelda during the final months of her life.

Zelda was challenged throughout her life with adversity through illness, but the fact that she actually looked forward to her regular trips to the vet speaks volumes about how well she was looked after there.

From our point of view, it was wonderful to finally find a vet surgery where the welfare of the animal was given priority over the size of the medical bill. Although it’s a long way from Mount Dandenong to Clayton, it was a drive we were prepared to make as often as necessary, as we always felt that Zelda was being given the best care and attention possible.

Losing Zelda has left an incredible hole in our lives and our boy Reinhardt (Rennie) misses his little sister terribly. Although we know we’ll never be able to replace a dog as unique as Zelda, we’ve promised Rennie that one day soon he’ll have a new companion to play with, and when that time comes we will make sure that we bring our new puppy to you for all of her medical needs.”

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