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7 Signs Your Cat Needs To Visit The Vet

How do you know when something’s wrong with your cat? After all, strange behaviors are common with felines. Brushing against your leg, an irrational fear of cucumbers and death stares are all normal. However, there are a few telltale signs you can look out for which could save… Read More

How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Pain

Love is said to be a universal language, but it’s not particularly useful when it comes to trying to communicate with a different species. While your dog undoubtedly loves you and you love them back, it’s possible that they’re suffering without you knowing it, as they can’t tell… Read More

How To Spot Dental Disease In Your Cat

Dental disease is surprisingly common in cats of all ages. While there may be many causes, one of the major factors is the type of food they eat. A steady diet of soft food doesn’t provide any abrasive action to rub bacteria, plaque, and tartar off the teeth. Read More

Does Your Dog Have Droopy Eyes?

‘Puppy dog eyes’ are eyes that are difficult to resist. So cute and innocent! Peering into your dog’s eyes can do much more than tell you their mood, as it’s also a great way to gauge their general health. Certain dog breeds such as Bloodhounds, Bullmastiffs, Great Danes… Read More