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Dog and Cat caesarians Melbourne

Caesarian’s at SEAH are performed for as little as $600 during the day and around $800-$900 after hours (often 2am or 4am!).

Our fees for these procedures are competitive and much less than all other hospitals, especially compared to using an emergency facility

At SEAH we perform many, many caesarians each year, on all kinds of breeds, of cats and dogs, puppies and kittens. We have, to date, never lost a puppy or kitten during the caesarian process. As a result of delivering hundreds of puppies and occasional kittens, over many years, we often talk to our breeders now of considering elective caesarians, depending upon the value that the breeder places on the puppies, as on many, many occasions one or more puppies are “still born” during the birthing process, thus considerably reducing the returns to the breeder.

An elective caesarian also means the process is finished much quicker for the breeder and patient. It is also quite safe to desex the patient during the procedure if the owner no longer wishes to breed from this patient in future. This does not affect milk flow post operatively or the mother’s ability to look after the puppies/kittens.

We encourage owners to be present during the procedure to assist with the recovery of the puppies once removed from the uterus.

Owners are also welcome to watch the procedure during the viewing windows in our surgery. This makes us very unique to a large degree.

After hours, an experienced nurse is also called in to monitor the anaesthetic and ensure the puppies are recovering properly. Puppies are placed on an oxygen mask if recovering slowly and all puppies are placed in an oxygen tent till mum is in recovery and the puppies are able to be placed with her. If you ring the hospital after hours, the call is transferred to Dr Plummer’s mobile – if not answered the first time, please call again immediately as he will then know it is very urgent.

We have had breeders coming from Mt Martha and Endeavour Hills and other areas of Melbourne. Our nursing team is highly experienced with these procedures with our caesarian’s taking as little as 30-40mins. Puppies and kittens are constantly watched/attended too by our nurses and placed on oxygen as required, along with being placed on a heating mat till mum is ready for them.

We have a hospital policy of being very inclusive with our clients as far as the care of their pets is concerned.