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It can be hard to say goodbye to your cat…for both parties involved! At SEAH, we’re here to make that separation not only easier, but also carefully tailored to your and your cat’s needs. With our cat boarding service—better known by our feline friends as kitty sleep away camp—we offer short (weekend) to longer term (weeks) cat boarding. During this time, our main goal is to make your cat(s) feel(s) at home.

For multiple cat households, we let you choose if you want your cats to be boarded with each other or separately. We also encourage you to bring special foods from home and we’ll take care to follow the feeding schedule you and your cat have established. If you opt for SEAH’s in-house food, your cat will feast on daily meals of Royal Canin feline dry food.

At SEAH your cat’s home away from home will be in our secure cats-only room, free from all those noisy canines! They will lodge in our specially modified steel cages, complete with fluffy bedding and hiding holes, for our shyer residents. The bedding at our facility is a ‘dry bed’, a special bedding material that is quick drying on top to keep the cage fresh, just in case the cats have an accident or fail to use their litter tray. Speaking of, we change the litter material up to twice daily and we change the bedding daily. Our nursing team takes the opportunity provided by these daily cleaning sessions to play with the cats, and let them stretch their legs.

We know that it can be stressful for cats to be away from the people they know and love, so we also suggest you bring items or reminders of home, such as clothing or toys, to be placed in the boarding cages with your cat(s).

And, at an additional cost, we also offer vaccinations and nail trims during your cat’s time with us.

We welcome any questions you might have about our cat boarding program and are happy to discuss future visits in order to make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Call, visit or use our online form to request more information or to book a stay!