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Nutrition is the cornerstone of your pet’s health and physical well-being. And at South Eastern Animal Hospital, we take this fact very seriously. We want pet owners to understand and make informed decisions about their pet’s food habits. This means educating pet owners about the many factors that affect pets’ nutritional needs, such as age, activity level and existing conditions. We also want you to be well-informed about the science behind the many ingredients listed on pet food labels.

For our in-house stock, we have chosen pet foods that are packed with the best kinds of nutrients and that have treated some of our own beloved pets very well. We stock the majority of the range of premium and prescription Eukanuba pet foods, along with some prescription Hills pet foods.

As a dog owner myself, I (Dr Scot Plummer) have fed Eukanuba to my previous two blue heelers (Blue 16y, Mack 17y) and my current kelpie (Tazz 5y). I chose Eukanuba because it is a premium food, meaning it contains many ingredients not found in supermarket foods. It is also packed with better quality ingredients and protein. It is a cost-effective feeding regime and contains such additives such as FOS and MOS—which are carbohydrates that affect the type of bacteria in the bowel and which subsequently affect the health of the bowel—that your pet would not have access to through a home diet. The digestibility of these diets is also very high, leading to much less material to pick up in the yard as well!

In addition to Eukanuba’s selection of pet foods, we can also order in other foods as required by owners such as Royal Canin or Advance or Hills premium and prescription pet foods.

Please give us a call today if you want to know more about our pet food offerings.