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Here at SEAH, we welcome and treat a wide range of pockets pets, including birds, rats, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, ferrets and occasionally reptiles.

It is sometimes difficult to determine when your pocket pets are sick or hurting, but our veterinary team is very experienced in treating many conditions in these smaller animals. We have performed hundreds of procedures from desexing to anal gland removals, mammary mass removals and caesareans. We have also performed various removals of lumps and cancers from many kinds of pocket pets.

As is the case with all animal surgeries, pain relief and warmth during surgery are critical to the care of your pocket pets. Through the skill of our surgical team, we have demonstrated that even long surgeries of up to an hour are not only possible, but safe with smaller pets with the right processes and a high level of diligence. We pay close attention to pain control before, during and after surgery. Our highly skilled nursing team also closely monitors anaesthetics throughout the procedure and regulates the heat control of the pet through heat mats, heat discs or gloves filled with hot water.

All of this is to assure that your pocket pet not only has a seamless experience with our medical team, but also leaves our facility feeling much more comfortable and healthy.

We welcome any questions you might have about pocket pet care at SEAH. Please call, visit or use our online form to request more information or book an appointment.