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The South Eastern difference

We have a strong philosophy of inclusivity. We often have owners present when their pets are being anaesthetised for surgery. This is uncommon at most hospitals and unheard of at referral centres. Pets are already stressed during this process, being in an area unfamiliar to them and having unfamiliar procedures performed on them. Having their owner present is very reassuring to the pet and makes the procedure far less stressful for them and reduces anaesthetic risk.

  • We put the safety and comfort of your pets first
  • You can be in the room when your pet goes to sleep and wakes up
  • You can view and become involved in the procedure where possible

We encourage you to be present

We also allow owners to watch surgical procedures performed on their pet, where possible, again unheard of at referral centres and most other hospitals. Owners, where possible, are able to be present when their pet wakes from surgery, or visit their pet at any time, during opening hours, if their pet is in hospital for illness or care after surgery.

Owners of our caesarean surgery cases are able to be present during the procedure and are able to assist our nurses during the birth of the puppies.

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