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Rescue Groups


SEAH feels passionately about supporting rescue groups who are coming to the aid of animals in need throughout the Melbourne area. We are happy to provide discounted services to these groups, in the hopes that the funds saved will allow these groups’ finances to stretch further. Because, when rescue groups have more revenue, they have the capability to save and help even more animals in desperate need.

There is also no extra charge for rescue patients if they need to remain in hospital for some days after treatment. During their stay with us we additionally offer discounted desexing, vaccinations and microchipping services. Unfortunately, many rescue animals enter these groups’ facilities with recent traumas or injuries. This is why we also offer discounted complex surgeries, such as orthopaedic or cancer surgery, for any pet coming to us from a rescue group.

These discounts remain valid for as long as the pet remains in the care of the rescue group, in the hope our new friend is adopted into a happy home.

Below are several of the local rescue groups that SEAH supports through this program:

  • Shar Pei Rescue
  • Staffords in Need
  • Purrs of Point Cook
  • Homes for Huskies
  • Melbourne Animal Rescue
  • Rehome a Rat Melbourne

For more information, please, call, visit or use our online form.

Our caring team

We believe that every pet deserves the best care - at a price point that is more affordable. Our team of veterinarians has over two decades of experience in caring for dogs, cats and pocket pets such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and even birds. Our caring team or vets and nurses will not only make your pet feel welcome and safe during their time at our practice but also educate you on how to best care for your pet following a surgery or procedure.

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