As we enter the warmer summer months, we are also entering kitten season. Cats will start breeding as the days get longer and will continue breeding through spring and summer. Did you know that one female cat can have over 200 kittens in her lifetime, and if you also consider her offspring, she can be responsible for over 400,000 kittens!! Every year the shelters and rescues get inundated with kittens and struggle to find them new homes. By desexing both male and female cats, the number of unplanned kittens can be drastically reduced.

Now is a great time to consider desexing your cat and here at South Eastern Animal Hospital, we are offering 5% off all cat desexings if they are booked in before the end of November!

Please contact the clinic on 03 9544 6979 to book in. Spaces are limited, so please book in soon to secure your spot.