Radiology (also referred to as “scanning” or diagnostic imaging) is a crucial tool for examining your pet for various illnesses and injuries. The specialists at SEAH can discover information about your pet’s condition through this technology that would otherwise be difficult to pick-up in a basic examination. We achieve results by employing non-invasive radiography to analyze and discover problems in specific organs and bones. With the best radiology equipment available, SEAH is able to give patients more accurate and fast diagnoses and treatment.

These tests can include:

  • Ultrasounds

  • X-rays

Radiology scans give us the information we need to decide what your pet’s next course of therapy should be when they have undergone trauma or are showing signs of issues with bones, joints and other organs.

Our caring approach

The radiology process can sometimes cause stress and anxiety for both pets and their owners. While some pets tolerate it well, others may require sedation to ensure optimal imaging results and to minimize their discomfort.

There are a number of options for diagnosing your pet’s condition, depending on the suspected injury or illness. Our veterinary team will recommend the best imaging options based on your pet’s specific needs and medical history.

If you have any questions about radiology or imaging options for your pet, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone, in person, or by using our online form to schedule an appointment or request more information.