General practitioners are an important part of the veterinary services offered at South Eastern Animal Hospital. We have skilled vets that are available for your pet’s check-ups and examinations.

Specialists are an important but the general practice is the back bone of the practice. Without the standard examinations and check-ups there would be less chance of picking up any potential problems your pet may have.

When you bring your pet into South Eastern Animal Hospital, our general practitioners will give your pet a thorough examination. By keeping annual check-ups you keep your pet healthy and help prevent or treat any conditions that can occur. More than that, part of general practice is pest prevention, vaccination and microchipping.

General Practice Services

The services we offer as part of our general practice include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Annual check-ups

  • Microchipping

  • Desexing

  • Tick and flea control

  • First examination when your pet is ill or hurt

  • Diagnosing ailments

  • Prescribing medication

  • Advice and answers to your queries.

  • Dental Care

When to contact the vet

You should take your pet in for a regular check-up. Between the annual vets visits if you notice any significant changes in your fur baby’s appetite, level of energy, stool, urination or behavior you should contact your vet immediately.

General Practice vets are available to help you with all your requirements which can even include nutritional advice and daily care advice. If you are thinking of buying or adopting an animal, make an appointment with our skilled and experienced vets to discuss which pet may be best for you or to schedule their first checkup. Every animal needs love and care and we offer services for pet health over and above emergency care.

At our animal hospital we understand that it is vital to build a relationship with you the client and your pet. We work hard to maintain the health and well-being of every animal that comes to us. We care and it shows.