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Effects of Weather on Pets

Tick paralysis is the most common cause of death in australian pets. Here’s how you detect it and prevent it

The warmer months of the year signal the arrival of tick season, bringing with them a serious potential threat to the wellbeing of your cats and dogs. The most common cause of death in pets remains tick paralysis found to be most prominent along the eastern coast of Australia. At least 500 dogs each year lose their lives to tick paralysis while thousands more suffer in inexpressible discomfort. What can pet owners do to prevent the deaths of their dogs or help them avoid the pain and suffering during this time of the year?

Seeing that tick paralysis is a preventable disease, at South Eastern Animal Hospital we advocate that the best form of protection against death is early detection. Not only does early detection offer a greater rate of survival but prevention treatments are also kinder on the pocket.


Tick paralysis prevention methods

One of the most reliable forms of prevention methods is to check the fur coat of your pet every day during tick season. In addition to this is the application of topical acaricide or prophylactic administration of general drugs with tick repellent ingredients.

You can detect tick paralysis early by looking out for these signs:

  • A change in a dog’s bark.
  • Dogs may throw up food.
  • Hind leg muscles in dogs become weaker and show a wobbly gait.
  • Weakness in cats are less obvious in the early stages than in dogs. Owners may notice a change in breathing patterns that has a soft grunt at the end.

There are many products available on the market today that aid in tick paralysis prevention. The best time to start treating your pets is before the start of tick season which, to be safe, is at the end of August.

For the most effective preventive treatment methods for tick paralysis, consult an experienced vet. At South Eastern Animal Hospitalin Clayton we have specialists available who are knowledgeable in tick paralysis disease and best prevention methods available in the industry. Have concerns about any strange pet behaviour? Come in or call us to speak to one of our expert staff today.